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The name Crab and Butterfly is an ode to the ancient latin adage “Festina Lente,” the translation of which means “to make haste slowly.” A more familiar representation of this sentiment can be found in the famous Aesop fable, “The Tortoise and The Hare.” We are committed to the careful time and attention required to ensure the utmost of our product and we refuse to compromise or cut corners; the result being a delightfully robust elixir which is genuine in its claims. Fire Cider is a spicy, apple cider vinegar-based, non-alcoholic herbal tonic that is both nutrient dense and full of robust flavors. Ours is a labor of love and recipe that was created through painstaking trial and error as well as the guidance of renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar’s original recipe which has been passed down for generations in the herbalist community. 

Co-Founders Kristen Lasnier and Brianna Halstead met while working together in the tasting room for a craft whiskey distillery. They are both veterans of the hospitality industry and have opened and managed various bars and restaurants across genres from fine dining to neighborhood taverns in both LA and NYC. The pair pulling even closer together in pursuits of keeping healthy during a pandemic resulted in making batches of apple cider vinegar-based herbal tonic that can be used as an immune booster, digestive aid or the ultimate kitchen condiment. As a company we share a passion for flavor, purpose, entrepreneurship and our environment.

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