What is fire cider:

Fire Cider is a spicy, apple cider vinegar based tonic used to obtain a feeling of vigor and improve health and well-being. Additionally, Fire Cider is the ultimate kitchen condiment and can be used to add robust flavors to your favorite recipes. 


Where does it come from:

Fire Cider is an herbal tradition born in the kitchen of the California School of Herbal Medicine in the early 1980’s. The term fire cider was coined by the legendary Rosemary Gladstar, an American herbalist and founder of the California School of Herbal Medicine. Since this time, Herbal enthusiasts have been making this potion for personal consumption as well as selling it to their local stores and farmers’ markets, each putting their own spin on Rosemary’s original recipe. We hope you like ours!


How is it made:

Traditionally, fire cider is made by macerating a blend of powerful immune-enhancing medicinal herbs and raw roots in Apple Cider vinegar for 3-4 weeks after which it is mildly sweetened with honey. Our vinegar tonic is made in the fire cider tradition in small batches with a few twists and turns.

What are the benefits:

In addition to supporting immune health, Fire Cider acts as a digestive aid and can be taken for allergy relief or to help ward off infections, colds, flus, and bronchial infections. Use Fire Cider in the kitchen for an extra pop of flavor–just add a few drops to your soup, salad, pasta, eggs, vegetables, meat, sandwiches, tea, Bloody Mary or pretty much anything at all.


How do I take fire cider:

Take a 1 oz shot 1-3 times daily for immune support. Fire cider is also a superb addition to tea, juice, salad. You can finish your culinary masterpieces with a drizzle or use it as an ingredient in cocktails.


How long does fire cider last:

Fire cider will last up to 18 months in the bottle. It’s not necessary to refrigerate your fire cider if you store it in a cool, dry place. Storing in the refrigerator is best for a more refreshing experience but is not by any means necessary although it should be mentioned that the FDA recommends refrigerating after opening.

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